Monday, June 16, 2008

Surfer's Ear from the Santa Cruz Bureau

"That's about a teaspoon of bone chipped from my ears. 20 years to
create and 4 hours to remove. No surf for me for another 3 weeks.
And another thing, those that are in their career time of life don't
surf all that much in California either. Mostly they sit in traffic."
- Jack


toddy said...

I'll just counter that I showed up, out of the blue on a blown out, relatively flat day a month ago and we found a fun cove protected and pushing nipple high, ten minutes from your house and nearly instantaneously.

But damn, would I not want a petri dish full of that.

toddy said...

and isn't bone supposed to be white?
thats messed up...

Anonymous said...

there's a fair bit of blood in there i think. it looks like I'm collecting bloody fingernails.

and don't get me wrong, the surf in Cali is very very consistent, and that spot we surfed is no further than 4 minutes drive, but the jobs are an hour away. so you take a pick: drive to surf or drive to work. the only exception may be San Francisco but that's pretty treacherous.

Richie Coutts said...

Sympathies to you Toddy.
I am a surfer living near Torquay (Bells Beach). Iv'e been putting off the opp and get regular earaches. Most surfers on this coast get surfers ear in the right ear because of the predominant winds from the West while they are looking out to sea.
3 weeks isn't a long recovery period though, I had a mate a few years back who had the old fashion opp where they cut down the side of your head, peel your ear back and then drill. Took 6 months before he risked going back in the water.

Hope its a quick recovery for you mate.

Angus said...

Looks like a nice garnish for my minestrone soup!

Anonymous said...

just a quick follow up for Richie:

It's been two weeks since surgery, my doc just pulled some crusty junk from my ear, and now i'm hearing better than i can ever remember. everything is exceptionally crisp and there's depth to sound which i haven't had in a long time.

definitely don't go the cut your ear off and drill route, if you can avoid it. the photos i've seen of that procedure look horrific, the recovery sounds awful, and i've read that the drill can worsen your hearing.

the procedure to go with is the one I just got, where they hand chisel the bone out via the ear canal. the experience is pretty similar to getting your wisdom teeth removed, your only out of the water for a month, and your hearing improves dramatically. at least my hearing has.

Richie Coutts said...

I just checked back to see if you'd made a reply.
Thanks for the feedback anonymous (sorry thought it was Toddy)
I know now that even here in Australia they don't do the whole "ear off, hand drill" procedure anymore. It's meant to be a whole lot cleaner and easier.
I have been stuffing the earholes with bluetack this winter (your summer) and it has worked a treat. I hav'nt had the slightest of earaches, and my hearing is still pretty least what I want to hear :) I have decided to do the opp in November, after the winter period which is our best season, is going fine.
I'ts been crankin here on the surfcoast, Torquay, Australia in the last 2 weeks. Classic winter swells and offshore winds.
We had 8-10ft offshore waves last friday. How can I have an operation now when the surf is like this.
cheers from Aus,