Wednesday, December 31, 2014

This Week In Not Surfing

This episode from the North County HQ was recorded at San Onofre State Beach Campground of Champions just after a micro session at Church. Jack Mullis joins us for a quickie talk about not too much save raising children, the coming artificialintelligencezombieapocalypse and the mental sizing of waves.

Monday, December 29, 2014

This Week In Not Surfing

This Week In Not Surfing is coming from North County San Diego. We'll be interviewing surfy personalities all week long. This inaugural fifth episode, the first in our inaugural series of North County interviews... this one has special resonance as this is my sons' grandfather.

Stay tuned for more.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Boy's Journey Kickstarter Teaser 1

We'll be making some videos over the next few weeks trying to get the word out about our film project called "A Boy's Journey." Here is our first 15 second attempt. I had t explain to a friend this isn't necessarily how the film series itself will look and feel. We'll be using some better cameras and have some bigger ideas... but for getting a smile on the face this kid shot with an iPhone does just fine...

Friday, December 26, 2014

The Boy's Journey Kickstarter... Part One

Here at the Endless Bummer New York No Surf Surf Blog of Champions we try to constantly innovate, periodically evolvate and even haphazardly percolate. In our constant search for new ways to talk about whatever it is we like to talk about, we've noticed there are few people talking about whatever it is we like to talk about, namely, not surfing. Or rather, and more precisely, the subtle things that happen in and around, before and after and leading up to the act of surfing. This includes, of course, the formative years, for both children and adults, that shape and codify the personal definition of what it means to be a surfer. In this, we endeavor to have a frank conversation, to set things straight, if you will. Really maybe all we're doing is setting things curvy, but we're obviously fine with that too.

Please take a moment to watch our film and check out our Kickstarter project. We're going to make a different sort of surf film. An educational, inspirational surf film from a different perspective, following a different set of expectations.

We think it can be a start of something relatively new.
 Have a look, and help us if it feels worthy!

Over the coming weeks we'll be posting up teasers and fun factoid videos leading up to our journey.
Stay tuned here and on our EndlessBummerNY Instagram of Champions.

 The Boy's Journey on Kickstarter !!!

And hear more about it in this section of our podcast...

Monday, December 22, 2014

This Week In Not Surfing

This week in "This Week In Not Surfing" the inaugural 4th podcast from the Endless Bummer New York No Surf Surf Blog of Champions, we cover Christmas shopping, regrets, Lake Tahoe, hot springs and introduce our inaugural podcast jingle. Here, you'll need these near the 30 minute mark...

Friday, December 19, 2014

Happening Tonight: PF Gallery & Yuri Shimojo & State Of Wonder

If you're not going to El Mar Mi Alma tonight, and you should be... stop by the Picture Farm Gallery Headquarters Main Space.
Tonight at Picture Farm Gallery HQ : a lovely evening with this incredible artist, and a few lesser, if enthusiastic lights! Picture Farm Gallery will be presenting Yuri Shimojo‘s latest year-long mural in our narthex vestibule antechamber of honor and art from State Of Wonder. It’s an informal event to celebrate community and the changing from the Year of the Horse to the year of the Sheep/Ram/Goat! Stop by 338 Wythe Ave 6-9ish. Bring a bottle of wine and we’ll order pizza or somethin’.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Today's Thought

There are many nice things about this clip. The surfing is fun looking. The photography is very, very good. The sound? Perfect. Thanks R. Olive for this.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Today's Thoughts

"How does one find happiness throughout a winter when the sun barely makes an appearance? This source of curiosity took us to Nordland - a mystical Viking land of changing light, deep fjords and mountainous archipelagos. We arrived in the small town of Kjerringøy, where had we heard there was a man who built traditional boats. His name was Ulf, his house had the red trim around it, and he’ll meet us at the end of the drive in the freezing rain. This was all we knew. Could this mans belief in his work and connection to his environment be the root of his happiness? Shot entirely during the twilight hours of Norway's northern Arctic, this is his story."

"Union Glacier is located in the southern Ellsworth Mountains of West Antarctica. This is a documentary about a small team of people who live and work on the glacier during the Antarctic summer. In 2013 I was the filmmaker attached to the Scott Expedition - the journey that completed Captain Scott's final, ill-fated expedition from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole and back again. Our team passed through Union Glacier Camp on route to the starting point of Scott's Hut at Cape Evans, but after becoming stranded at the camp and working with the staff there; I decided to make this documentary."

A couple typical gems coming through the Noah Sabich pipeline of goodness. Enjoy.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sunday, December 14, 2014

This Week In Not Surfing

This Week In Not Surfing went predictably off the rails as Antonio and Toddy brought in the artist Matthew Lusk to install surf racks. This episode touches upon Kin Kardashian, big wave surfing, not big wave surfing, self-documentation, the sexual preferences of Yeezus and our regular overarching topic: life choices.

This week's helpful visual references...

and here...

Friday, December 12, 2014


Sure, you head to Canal Street and  track down the latest-pre-stab-in-the-dark-knock-off-faux Outerknown semi-archival environmentally-friendly-teeshirt/recycled-wetsuit-surf-wax-handbag/ fuzzy-slipper-sandals... or, you can just go to and pick up a sweatshirt that means something to someone. Well, means something to a bunch of elementary school kids, whose art class/ gym period/ music workshop will be underwritten by your wearing this season's hottest fashionable sweatshirt. It comes in a variety of one color and a plethora of useful languages.

Dead cool.

More form the EBNY Winter Gifting Guide HERE

This Week's "This Week In Not Surfing" Inaugural Podcast Episode #3 Teaser Post Of Champions

Stay tuned to this channel for the inevitable gnashing of teeth and bland commentary you are becoming so frustratingly accustomed to.

The "This Week In Not Surfing" Series...

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Today's Thought : Proud

The EBNY Khartoum Bureau, Martin Jakobsen, sent through this notice. Martin's incredible project, Turning Tables, is an inspiring instance of accidental, fortunate, proactive and right-thinking activism.

If you happen to be in Rangoon...

"Turning Tables Myanmar is very happy to announce that the Rainbow Reel's project films, "Open" directed by " Khin Zarchi Latt" , "Shwe" directed by Christ and "That's The Way I Am" directed by Khin Thethtar Latt will be screened at The American Center on Thursday, December 11. Come and see the films about LGBT people in Myanmar !

The American Center in Yangon is hosting the &Proud mini-film festival for LGBT rights on Thursday, December 11 from 2-4pm. There will be 3 documentary shorts shown—two in Burmese with English subtitles, and another Southeast Asian film with English subtitles. There will be a discussion with the film makers and sponsors after the films.> For more information, visit the American Center Facebook Page:

"The American Center in Yangon is hosting the &Proud mini-film festival for LGBT rights on Thursday, December 11 from 2-4pm. There will be 3 documentary shorts shown—two in Burmese with English subtitles, and another Southeast Asian film with English subtitles. There will be a discussion with the film makers and sponsors after the films."

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Today's Thoughts

"Artist and the Anguish of the American Dream: Zadie Smith’s Love-Hate Letter to NY
"An Early Arctic Explorer's Dramatic Drawings of the Frozen North" 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Happening : El Mar Mi Alma

SMASH is presenting El Mar Mi Alma Friday the 19th at the Whimsey Theater in the LES.
Tickets are on sale now.

'El Mar, Mi Alma' is a visual love song to the surf blessed land of Chile, its people, and the ocean that defines it. With a long and diverse coastline Chile is a country not only shaped by its geography; the sea occupies a mystical and poetic, conscious and unconscious place within the cultural fabric of the nation. The film is a visual tone poem, a blend of images and music featuring cinematic surfing sequences, coastal landscapes, insightful commentary, and the movements of the cast on a unique surfing journey. With environmental themes and political undercurrent, the film paints a picture of Chile’s beauty and association with the sea, centred around the intimate act of surfing.

 Starring: Dave Rastovich, Ramon Navarro, Gabriel Villarán, Dane Ward, Chris Del Moro, Crystal Thornburg-Homcy, Joel Parkinson, Leo Acevedo, Diego Medina and Cristian Merello.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

This Week In Not Surfing

I will start out this week's This Week In Not Surfing by addressing the biggest news story during this particular news cycle: The Ferguson and Garner cases, which seem to be nothing more or less than the tip of the ice berg. Maybe it's the same ice berg that they're all denying is melting. Seems so. It is worth pointing out, I think, that as we talk about cop culture and the police brutality it begets, that cop culture is nothing more than popular culture writ uniformed (and armed) (and seemingly unaccountable.) That is to say as long as we glorify the aggressive over the submissive, the strong over the vulnerable, there will be no positive evolution. It is not the cop's fault. They're just us.

And now...

This week, in not surfing, we continue our flirtation with hearing our own voices. Deeply addicting for narcissists like us. Antonio joins me in the studio for an in depth discussion on... Oh! And in honor of this inaugural second podcast we made a bad video. Because we are bad video makers.

Fun, Uncompromisingly Fun.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Thursday, December 4, 2014


I didn't know Ray well. He was here long before we were here in this part of Brooklyn. I was always in his presence though, especially at a certain time a number of years back. Our crowds were the same crowds. He'd always be in the corner with his shirt unbuttoned, revealing those tattoos. He was the real deal, whatever that is. But he was it. Respect.

File Under : "I Wish I Were This Cool."

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Tom Curren came improbably back to win the world title after all those years off in 1990. This was when I was deep in the narrative. Locked to ski boat or ski lift at the time, surfing offered that "other" at the most potent adolescent moment of other-lust. Elko, Carroll, Hardman. Australian jocks to me. And Pottz was the Rasta Schwarzenneger. Then comes along this kid from Florida that everyone said was the next thing. I didn't know what a thruster really was. I didn't know how power surfing was supposed to feel. I could argue I still don't. I was simply taking huge drags off of the Surfer and Surfing magazines I'd find on the magazine rack at the drug store while my mom was grocery shopping. But Shane Herring. This was the kid from Australia that was going to break the American grip on power. I didn't remember any of this unprompted. Ty Breuer mentioned a film about Shane Herring the other night and this flood of memories of pictures, articles, ads. Shane Herring, I'd forgotten about him, and with him that initial feeling of unknowing obsession. And I realize that sense of otherness, of surfing being some other person's property has stayed with me all this time. Shane Herring. Good to see you old friend.

Monday, December 1, 2014