Friday, May 30, 2014

Happening : Paola Citterio @ PF Gallery

Having an art gallery is rad. This show, up for one night only, is going to be a party. That's rad. You should come. Really. It's why you live here.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Happening : East

Saturday June 26 at Atlantic Terrace

United Photographic Experience of Montauk through the eyes of Local Photographers Nate Best, Justin Burkle, Ian Cooke, Jesse James Joeckel, James Katsipis, Grant Monahan, Joe OHaire, Dalton Portella and Bartholomew Schwarz. 
Surf movies playing on the lawn, live music by the Montauk Project. Barley Provided by Montauk Brewing Company. Hamptons Free Ride providing transportation from pickup areas every 10 min to shuttle everyone back and forth. Stay for the after party right there on the beach and Fire Dancers to light up the night!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

"Tuesday Morning Stoke"

I fly in on the last flight to the Island Tasmania, that heart shape landmass that if drawn incorrectly in primary school just made your map of Australia look really average. 
Its cold, 6 degrees cold, for me that is pretty cold, for girls hitting downtown Hobart though, it appeared that it wasn’t too chilly at all. 
We trek down a beaten dirt farm track, as we break the hill the sea comes into view. It’s a point swell. 
Job on, the water is cold, feet numbing cold. The locals are welcoming; don’t know how they strip down on the rocks in the cold though. 
Still undecided if Tasmanians have Internet, refreshingly though, no one knows that Reynolds has a new neck beard out this season. 
There are no neck beards here, just full beards on Men, Men that withstand the cold, year in year out to surf the Point Swells. No Loggers either with trailing bat tails, but in there place on the Points a surprising number of bodyboarders. 
The swell lasted a day. A venture through a leech-infested Tasmanian National Park the following day provided no more possibilities for another surf. 
So my time was up on the apple isle, an early flight out the next morning brought my impromptu surf mission to an end. 
I came to the conclusion that Tasmania holds a sea of possibility and I will be returning, perhaps in the summer time. 

via this guy.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

2014 NY Fish Fry Slow Motion Video Replay of Champions

So many chances squandered, but they scored when it counted most... and fun was had by all.

Thursday, May 22, 2014


Happening: Jan Drojarski & Martyna Szczesna

This seems too interesting to pass up.  A surfing sculptor, having spent time on Kauai learning craft, is inspired by the art of shaping surf craft and produces a show of alaia's and hand planes exhibiting in Southern Brooklyn. The sort of art-meets-surf-meets-craft sorta thing that New York produces in oft-hidden spades

"The completion of a recent project where I made a large group of alaia's and a larger complementary set of hand planes for body surfing.  These forms represent the first functional objects I've made for the market place in over 15 years.  Typically I work as a sculptor and painter and what you get in my primitive boards is a unparalleled attention to detail without sacrificing functionality.

My motivations for this project are at once deeply personal, cultural, historical, physical, and technical. 

As a much younger man I spent my first years in the work force on the island of Kauai apprenticing with a master furniture maker.  It was there I learned the secrets of working with exotic hardwoods and ancient hand joinery techniques.  It is there I also learned to surf.  I do not use power tools to make my boards.  I am not a backyard shaper and I am not a surf brand. 

On the evening(6pm-10pm) of Saturday May 24, 2014 I am hosting a event in our Red Hook space to commemorate the completion of my winters work of making a large group of ancient Polynesian inspired surfboards.  In conjunction with my project I have included a installation by my friend the sculptor and photographer Martyna Szczyna.

Refreshments generously provided by our neighbors at SixPoint Brewery."

The show will run for 2 weeks starting the 24th through June 7th.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Worst Paddle Out Ever

Notes From Mastastico

"This might be the best thing on the internet."
Lentini hits you with the good shit. Again.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Surfrider NYC Chapter at PF Gallery May 21

We’re excited to be hosting Surfrider’s next chapter meeting in the Picture Farm gallery space, Wednesday May 21st.

Come join us and hear from their guest speakers Jill Webber from Parks Department and Sarah Knapp from OutdoorFest, and updates on LNG, plastic bag legislation, and water testing campaigns.

Click here to find out more.

Happening : Mas Cosas Surficas Cerca Nueva York

Monday, May 12, 2014

Happening : This Weekend of Surfing in New York

It is one of those weekends during one of those months you're glad you're a surfer in New York.
Fish Fry, Board Swap, Zak Bush and Big O...
PF Gallery will be open this weekend from noon to six Saturday and Sunday.
This weekend we're featuring the Zak Bush Revisions show augmented by a Naomi Kazama and Mike Ming selected works pop up. They'll also be coming fresh from their DamNation stint at the Patagonia Soho and Pata Bowery stores with their live screen printing gear hot in hand to screen print the crap out of your crap. Or buy an organic cotton t-shirt or similarly eco-friendly used Patagonia gear fresh with fresh art applied.

The Fish Fry is happening! Finally. Look out for all the "It Doesn't Not Work" shapes floating around.
Also both the Annual Pilgrim Board swap and the Kara Walker Domino Sugar Factory show are two blocks in either direction of the PF Gallery.
And we'll be attempting to BYOB BBQ in Brooklyn Aloha fashion.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Online Wax

There are a bunch of people you just want to see succeed. Then there are those people that will actually succeed. Success is a funny monkey, granted. The WAX crew are the sort of outfit that inhabit that little almond-eye-on-its-end in the intersection of the first two propositions. Running their rag out of a single floor bisecting two apartments in Greenpernt, they are some of the people that make the New York surf scene so eclectic. I exhort you to check out their online digs.

IDNW PF Gallery Recapamongus

Head over to the PF Gallery site for some slide shows and always head to SMASH for info.

Notes from the Mastic Bureau

Lentini weighing in with the perspective from here.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

More Blogging

I have two favorite Häagen Dazs ice creams. No, three. Swiss Almond Vanilla, Banana Split and Caramel Cone. It is in the opposite order that I could conceivably (and likely) sit down to eat, in one sitting straight, 14 fluid ounces of that particular ice cream flavor.

Banana Split has been a regular Häagen Dasz flavor for what I think is a couple years now. So when wifey brought home the "regular" flavor banana split in a special black and purple container emblazoned "limited edition" there could only be two reasons.

1. Banana Split flavored Häagen Dasz sales have been very slow and while they faze it out, they are kind enough to let the Banana Split flavor aficionados know in none too subtle, yet kindly manner.

2. This was a very old 14floz of Häagen Dasz ice cream, dating back to before Banana Split was promoted to a stand-by.

This prompted me to check out the expiry date on the bottom of the container.  March062015 in digital read-out lettering. That's about a year from now. Dairy lasting a year.

I am no longer going to purchasing Häagen Dasz ice cream to eat at home. Sure, if out and about and in need of ice cream, I will indulge, but dairy that doesn't die doesn't belong in my groceries.

Flor told Marina she thinks preservatives stay in our body and preserve our fat in unnatural ways. I think that's a truly intelligent hypothesis.

Monday, May 5, 2014

You With The Stupid Name

I've gotten to that age, that age old age, where band names piss me off. Kids these days suck at naming their band. Granted, naming band is tough and the whole convention of having a band name seems all of a sudden yet gradually revealed to be very, very lame. My band name would be the Lightning Panthers. I tried to get my soccer team to take that name, and we did for a season. But once we became semi pro, we changed to the Diner Old Boys. Soccer team names are lame too. "Real Salt Lake"? Silliest thing I ever heard.  Then again, I'd be bummed if my team was called "The Raptors". Blech. The whole naming convention is so totally embarrassing.

Anyone know whether I'm supposed to put those periods and questions marks inside the quotations or out? I'm too old for this.

Today I did something abnormal. I wore headphones or, as they call them now, buds, in my ears and listened to music while walking around Manhattan. I did that for a while once ten or twelve years ago. I did it to Strauss waltzes, which works like a magic carpet ride of inadvertent, spontaneous choreography. I gave it up though. Too many real, incidental sounds missed. But today was different. I felt the spring in the air and I wanted to hear some Gil & Ben. I was surprised at how quickly all thought was obliterated from my skull. How all self conscious worrying was pushed out the nostrils. A professional rubbernecker in the best of moments, with music ringing in my ears I was like a floundering tourist on a speedball binge. I looked up, I looked over, I looked around. I didn't look down. Weird.

Friday, May 2, 2014

The Surfy Season Is Upon Picture Farm

Well, it never really isn't is it? I just liked the alliteration of those esses.  Tonight at Picture Farm Gallery Zak Bush we will welcome Zak Bush's photo show in style. He has conjured a concise vision of his process of past and future explorations and will also be presenting a film projection. All manner of libations will flow, lots of nice people will show up and my dog will probably be there. It is also, of course, as always, a family friendly event, the front room being cordoned off as Tallulah's clubhouse. 6 to ten, with the requisite after party drink special fun happening at the Crown Vic around the corner.

But wait, there's more...

Tomorrow night Picture Farm Gallery starts a weekend conversation about design, process, failure and success in the context of surfboard shaping. David Murphy of Imaginary Surf Co. and Ty Breuer of SMASH will be hosting "It Doesn't Not Work" that will include local experimenters like Jeff Taylor, Thomas Nicolich, Brian Wegerofsky, JD San Jose, Chris Spadazzi, Matt McGregor Mento, Neil Berenholz, Glenn de Castro, Papa Planes, Imaginary Surf Co, Wax Surf Co and Matador Surfboards. And whoever else shows up with something interesting under their arm and a story to tell. Wanna see some funky shapes, talk speak something vaguely interesting and gain some perspective on how you too can become a surfboard maker, this will be the golden opportunity of a lifetime of close calls and near defeats.

Buy the seat but only use the edge...

IDNW will also moonlight as an informal formal board swapping opportunity. If you've got a board to sell, or are looking for something not so fresh off the grill, show up with cash and/or board and an open mind.

And you thought it ended there...

In two weeks time our very own Naomi Kazama will be flying in form Japan, and his very own Mike Ming will be joining him at PF Gallery for a weekend pop up of screen printing, high art and good times. Stay tuned for more info on that!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Last Ditch Effort : Zak Bush at PF Gallery Tomorrow Night

Last seen on Monster Children

It Doesn't Not Work in HUCK

I had a nice interview with the good folk of Huck about the upcoming event. Click le pic.