Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Left, Center, Right

I am not a surf blog aficionado but I'll check a few here and there just to see what other people are doing and thinking. Mostly I just hover around Shipworm & Gribble and wait for them to announce something.
Lately, though, I have taken to hitting three blogs in particular for their quality content and different approaches to the process:

Left Coast: "Beer Can Beach" put out by some guy named Christian in L.A. Very mellow character, writes about being a normal joe surfer type in that craziest of counties.
Central (Quad) Coast: "The Fresh Aspect" put out by a fellow named Eric and delves into the finer points of midAmerican enjoyment, which includes, among other things I like to read about, surfing the Great Lakes. A pretty good bit of breath.
Right Coast: "Mastastico" penned and posted by Mr. Lentini out on the longer island and in a town I have enjoyed immensely in the last few years (although, he might point out, I know nothin about.) His blog is full of good links, nice vids and plenty of Ron Stoner love.

Anyhow, this has been a test of the emergency surf blog system. It was only a test. Had this been a real surf blog, it might have been a bad video featuring cruddy waves (see previous posts).


Christian said...

Right on! Many thanks for the link. :)

toddy said...

No problem.
Flexing my linking muscles on this blogspot deal.
I enjoy your posts and the movies.