Sunday, September 28, 2008

NYSFF 2008

The film festival, as far as I can tell, has been a massive success. I have met filmmakers from around the world and seen some pretty interesting films. Last night our film played right after a short day-in-the-life mash up about Bruce Irons, and this super interesting found-footage compilation of a Palos Verdes doctor's mid century Orange County water and surgical exploits.
The New Wave stylings of Lapsed Catholics seemed to go over well enough and I was really excited to be on the same bill as Bustin Down The Door, a film that ought to be seen.

I had a some really great conversations, including some with a fellow named Ricardo, a Venezuelan American soon-to-be Canadian living in Nova Scotia. He and his buddy David produce a cool blog about green surfing products and Antonio and I are hoping to make the flight up to visit him and surf the frigid waters. Camera in tow of course.
Also a shout to Josh from the Chilean arm of Save The Waves. He got to put up with Antonio and I (and my bad fusbol playing and general pranking) for a night.
And then there are the Driggs brothers, whom probably got lost somewhere up in Rhode Island on Saturday searching for that perfect reef I was preaching.

Anyhow, Big Wednesday plays today and then the thing shuts down. But Tyler and Mike and Morgan and Blain and the rest of the crew have done a pretty astounding job and I look forward to next year's. Hopefully we will have another film in there.


Anonymous said...

How do I score me a copy of "Catholics"?

The Santa Cruz Bureau

toddy said...

Oh, ah, well, I still have to make DVDs.