Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Congrats Jandi.

Ian and I lived together in Santa Barbara a decade and some years ago. We'd drive around in his Vanagon and smoke clove cigarettes. I'd play the bass and he'd play the guitar. The second photo is the first water shot I ever snapped. Ian at Santa Claus, classic early summer session.
Lately, he treats me to some fantastic time at Old Mans when I am on the West Coast.
He recently got hitched to Julianne, a partnership that fills me with confidence and some smileyness. Apparently, it was done secretly (to me) and apparently on those bluffs there. I can't wait to meet up with him at SanO this winter and give him a hard time about it.
But for now, congratulations old friend.

(more classic Ian media here and here and here)

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