Thursday, January 8, 2009

Surf Gang

My friend Mitzi Dodge is a true pioneer. I have known, and know, more than my helping of genuine New York-style personalities, the kind of people you figure New York is full of, the kind of people who have been here long enough to have done nothing but the most good (read: bad) shit in the most distinguished of days. Mitzi is one of them. And she is a super classic for it. Now, like the rest of us, she works in "media." But she still finds the time to let out the weird, as we all should. Here is a trailer for a film she cut that has such bizarre-o surf overtones that I can't help but love it. Some sort of surf film through a lens far other to mine. Hilariously absolutely bonkers.


Surfsister said...

Wonderful!!! It's like an early John Waters movie . . . if John Waters weren't gay and was instead a female who surfs.

christian said...

"What are you doing in my house?"
"Drinking your wine."


PS: The woman with blue hair is hot.