Tuesday, February 3, 2009

2nd Annual New York Surf Film Festival Returns September 2009
Call for Submissions Now Open

Dunno if we'll have something for this one in time, but we'll try.
Maybe we can go wildcard.


Jack said...

If you have any interest in a kooky throwback bruce brown-esque surf adventure flick, COUNT ME IN.

Santa Cruz Bureau

P.S. I just learned about Hi Talkie. That is no doubt your best blog, except maybe Brooklyn Stewarts.

P.S.S. I love the EBKnee city inclusions. They really paint the whole picture for me.

P.S.S.CAPTCHA. warsies

Toddy said...

Oh man Jack, that is definitely in the works for us. France Wedding film style, we have to make it happen.

Jack said...

I'm ready when you are. Some brainstorming:

A week or twoo in hurricane September driving a bus from Maine to Miami. Or Seattle to San Diego just about any time of year. We'd have plenty of places to crash along the way, and would be a great family style option. Mainland Mex and Costa Rica are also possibilities, but I'm pretty drawn to a USA Surfari. I'd also love to do Baja, but that place is apparently a war zone right now.

toddy said...

I reckon "Ten Toes Over" to be a fantastic example of recent filming of this nature.
Have you seen it?
I can send you a copy for research.

Jack said...

Yes please. I love research.

If you can take a week off, I guarantee to join you.

We can do it on the cheap. Fly to Seattle. Go out on Curran's boat. Van down the coast surfing, passing the water camera back and forth. Crash with Freeney and hit Short Sands. Surf our way down the coast. Get high in Humboldt, get drunk in Sonoma/Mendocino. Crash in Santa Cruz, camp in Big Sur, see friends in Santa Barbara, and finish it out with an evening bbq at SanO. One week, gas, food, and a rented van.