Friday, February 13, 2009

Respite from the Winter of Our Financial Discontent- TONIGHT!

The friendlies over at Mollusk have been kind enough to give me another filmic platform. These guys really do have the community thing going strong. In times of financial crisis, it is the shop I'll spend my hard saved winter kitty to buy a new summer board. I just need to get finskys to stick to my pocket over the next few months.
I'll try to do it under some noses.

Anyhow, tonight, February 21st 6-10 pm, that great beacon of North West Brooklyn Surf Delight will be featuring some high art photo acts from Snapwater Colla, Matthew Clark and Jack Brull and festing into the winter eve. There will be some kind of intermission from the fun to take in a screening of "Lapsed Catholics" and a new short, "Colorfield Blue." The story on the new film is basically a broken digital camera left on the beach at Old Mans recording the vibe of it. Soundtrack by local hero Luke Temple.
Please show up tonight for a beer, some great photography and a good time.
- Toddy

Mollusk Surf Shop

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