Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Noosa Heads & Byron Turn On!

Hi dudies, sorry 4 my slackness of late, been getting too many waves to seriously though folks, it has been a pretty good start to the year on the waves front down here in this Great Southern Land. I just got back from a week up north & lucked into some epic waves via a consistent trade wind swell at Noosa Heads (National Park) & Byron Bay (The Pass), both great waves for all you natural footers out there who like getting the toes on the nose of your longboard. Or you might be suited to a quad fish (like mine) for some racey sections down the line & the odd barrell or two....if your'e lucky!!...oh & the freaky thing was that every surf I had I would see this sea turtle cruising around, it was like he/she was attracted to the green enjoy the film & stay tuned for more to come! Oh & Antonio, love that pic dude, it makes the site!



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toddy said...

Fantastic. Good to see some sunshine and some waves and the seppo board flying around in southern waters.