Wednesday, March 18, 2009

For the last eleven years or so, whenever I've spent any time in Carlsbad, I'd stop by the now defunct Longboard Grotto in Encinitas to check out the collection of literature, filmic offerings and used boards. I'd also make sure to finger through the cardboard boxes full of old postcards and photo prints and pick one out. It may say something about my sensibilities that this one jumped out at me as an instant classic. It hangs above my son's bed now and I can only hope that in time he gleans from it a similar sense of things.

(I actually don't know the photo credit, or who the fellow is waiting there on the board. If anyone has a clue, let me know.)


Christian said...

I know who that guy on the board is. He's all of us. Every one of us who has ever sat staring at the sea, eager for a surf.

Jack said...

Is the bottom board busted in two and fixed, or is that a collapsible travel board? If it's the latter I think you'll have a really good clue.

BTW: Don't look at the endless bummer scoreboard. California is blowing up right now.


Toddy said...

Word Christian.
Jack, I think the boards are actually from the future. I think this photo is a hoax. What I wouldn't give to be with you in Cali right now. surfing anything at all.