Thursday, April 16, 2009

Nearly every indigenous animistic culture that habitates in a partially arid climate has a traditional rain dance. Something special to entreat the gods for a little sustenance. In New York there is a similar sacred choreography for calling waves. It involves a client scheduling a meeting.


Jeff DiNunzio said...

want to know what else makes NY for Surfers? today:

5-6 ft - head high to 1 ft overhead and fair-good conditions.

PM Regional Overview:
Fun sized E/ESE windswell/swell mix continues this afternoon.

Conditions are mostly clean for most breaks with NE winds adding some slight sideshore texture and drift. Conditions are looking a little more bumpy/sideshore for breaks towards far eastern LI.

Thanks for reminding us we're indoors Surfline!

Toddy said...

Yep. Hosed again.
And the rough part is, in this economy I tend to not skip meetings anymore.

Jamie Welsh Watson said...

That is hilarious!!