Friday, May 15, 2009

Layne Beachley gets Shacked!

Layne Beachley paddled out at notorious big wave spot "Ours" near Botany Bay in Sydney on Wednesday, after a bet from Tim Bonython. The Bra Boys were with her the whole way & towed her into this monster, after she'd paddled into afew smaller ones & survived!! They reckon it's the heaviest wave ridden by a woman in Australia ever!!! Sick...Good stuff! Awesome pic! Love it!
Click on the header link to read the full story & there's also some footage of it floating around...enjoi!



Toddy said...

Good story.
You getting in the water yerself Angus?

Anonymous said...

Ayne Beachley seems like a class act for sure.

gustav said...

Yeah bra, been surfing a bit, it has been consistently good out here, waters gettin' cold though & I had that Nine Plus 4'3 suit that I bought at Mollusk stolen by some dirty surf gotta brave the cold water in an unsealed 3'2 for a while until I buy a new suit! Heading up North next week anyway for some warmer water! Hope all is good...sounds like your'e getting in the water a bit yourself! Goodstuff!

Jeff DiNunzio said...

that second tow-in wave she bagged was killer. she's gnarly on a surfboard.

...but not as killer as those closeouts on Long Beach, NY!!!

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