Friday, May 22, 2009

Surf blogs come in quite a few genres. Good-vibe surf blogs, techie surf blogs, celebrity surf blogs, snarky surf blogs, punk hipster surf blogs, photo surf blogs, poetic and literary surf blogs and surf blogs that are really about food, tending gardens and drawings. Actually, I may have it all wrong as to whom I am mentally calling out but that's neither here nor there. What I am saying, really, is that my favorite sort of surf blog is the kind that follows the daily hurt, exhaustion and reality of trying to be a healthy, operative adult. It is, on the face of it, a seemingly losing battle that ultimately, in perspective, is being won with aplomb. There are a few in the Surf Historians section to the right and they are top notch.


Iván Osío said...

thanks! I did not know that my blog was on your list I will do the same thing and put this blog on my friends list, thanks
see you in the wave

Christian said...

Right on, Toddy. I am in your old stomping grounds this weekend. :)

Bill said...

I like this post of yours a lot.
As a surfer/blogger, I often wonder why I blog.
I think, for me, that the act of surfing and how it has affected my life,is both profound and somewhat consuming.I guess I hope to find answers and confirmations by reaching out to those that share this thing.
It's also a personal diary that may shed light on life, in retrospect, someday.

Frankly, surfing turns me on so much, I wonder if others are really so effected, or is it just me.

Anywho on man.
Nice blog!
Thanks for writing it!