Saturday, May 2, 2009

Today I dropped the big Thom Browne board in the water. I learned there is looking like you're in shape, actually being in shape and then there's 6mil wetsuit with a ten foot board on 3 to 4 foot beach break shape. I am not sure if I am either of the former, but I am very sure I am not the latter. Oh man. Fortunately, the board felt pretty good. Easy turning, solid, didn't slip on the take-off. That last bit caught me a little. The big 10'4" I was riding in California is a little warped and the lines are off. Far wobblier than the Thom Browne. Anyhow, summer small wave season is nearly upon us. That big board ought to do well enough.


james tansey said...

you don't actually have one of the surf boards from the Thom Browne show, do you? thats fucking sweet if you do

Jack said...

The wife and I got 2 foot 50 yard rides at Cowell's yesterday, in 3mm water. Perfect for 10 footers and weak old man arms. Probably not your thing though.

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