Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Endless Bummer NY Lunch Menu

Your official guide to the places to eat when you work where we work.

1. The Indian Sandwich Place on Prince & Crosby
Antonio: Massala Deluxe Dosa with no Chutney, Cardamom Coffee
Toddy: Thali Plate with Mango Chutney, Iced Chai

2A. The Italian Sandwich Joint on Sullivan & Spring
Toddy: Anything on Foccacia with meat
2B. The Spanish Sandwich Joint on Broome & Centre
Antonio: Veggie Sandwich, toasted

3. Take Out Sandwich Spot on Prince & Wooster
Antonio: The Little Bite on Wednesdays
Toddy: The Avocado Sandwich on Thursdays

The Macrobiotic Restaurant on Prince & 6th

Both: The MacroB Plate

5A. The Mexican Place on Kenmare & Lafayette
Antonio: Moros y Cristianos
5B. The Cuban Joint on Elizabeth & Prince
Toddy: Veggie Plate and Sweet Plantains

6. The Vietnamese Sandwich Stand on Broome & Mott
Both: #12 or #13, spicy

Antonio gets an iced coffee to go at Gimme on Mott
Toddy gets a double espresso to stay at Falai on Lafayette

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