Sunday, June 21, 2009

Two photographs, I gather from around the same locale, probably nine or ten years apart. Steven Videau from a Grass is Greener posting in the former, Thomas Woodrum from our previous postings here in the latter. Granted, the photographic and surfing acumen are wildly divergent (sorry Tommy) but the basic sensibility is the same. Small, cruddy waves, point and shoot(ish) 35mm. As I see it, I can relate to these photos. They speak to me in a way that hits my soul. Small summer goodtimes with friends in the water and on the beach having a gas. Goofy stuff. Good clean fun. I'll admit the conceit is rife with a personal inability to cope with the truly outrageous conditions, but every time I see a cruddy wave ridden in the name of enjoyment, I am filled with the sort of vicarious contentment that I don't achieve looking at a monster pit ready to eat someone alive.
- toddy


rebeccajane said...

Yes!! Small summer goodtimes are under-rated and I too appreciate (and partake in) "...a cruddy wave ridden in the name of enjoyment".

Christian said...

I agree. Some of the best sessions of my life have featured less than ideal waves. :)