Thursday, July 23, 2009

LBIF Big Stuff

We here at Endless Bummer are an able bunch. Just where our abilities lay is a good question. How they are used is another. But some of Antonio's have been languishing a bit in the wash of the tsunami called film editing, and we are proud to announce his return to something.

"After a few years of not putting work together for art shows, I am
going to be participating in a group painting show called "Big Suff" in
august on LBI. The unifying theme is that we all work on larger images,
the dimensions for the paintings in the show can be up to 7ft x 7ft and
no smaller than 3 ft x 5ft. The show will be hung in the LBI Arts
foundation located in Loveladies, Long Beach Island, NJ. The Foundation
holds classes for adults and children and has recently reinstated an
artist in residency program.
The opening of the show is August 2nd in the evening from 5 to 7 and
the show will be up through the 17th of August. So if you find yourself
on LBI that weekend please stop by the opening and see the show.

- Antonio"


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gustav said...

Good stuff Antonio, I would love to be able to get down to the Island to check it out!Can I see any of the work online?