Friday, July 31, 2009

The Dear & Yonder NYC Premier EBNY Biopic Trailer

(Feature Length Coming Soon)

The Official Endless Bummer Television Crew descended upon the unsuspecting at Mollusk this evening, capturing the Dear & Yonder New York premier. You wish you were there, perhaps. I wish I were there a little longer. But I did get home in time to watch Frost Nixon, wifey's pick of the night, which, I gotta say, was well worth the early exit; a good film about a great subject. D&Y, from what I saw of it, which, I gotta say, was not much as usual, seemed for all intents and purposes to be a well crafted, well-shot, standardly historo-narrato-surf0-porn propulsed affair. Good, enjoyable probably, and the surfing looked super every time I looked. I suppose that's all one can ask for. But why not ask for more? Anyhow, go see it when you get a chance and let me know what you think. Certainly a bit better than the shakedowns we post-up here.


rebeccajane said...

"But why not ask for more?"

A really great question!

Jamie Watson said...

Hey Toddy, was every piece of art there framed in white? The show had a really cohesive look to it.

Toddy said...

I think so , Jamie. It was a nice shoe. Eclectic, but with quality.