Monday, July 6, 2009

One Mastic Quiver

A grander set up I haven't seen. The little Natures Shapes has had the tip snapped off, been broken in half and has the scars of innumerable run-ins with harder things. I spent part of the weekend filling in, bolstering and patching up the Brewer which was suffering from some nasty deeply eaten-away bits at tip and tail. This is a quiver to be proud of. Two boards of dubious longevity that will last as long as they last. Two boards waiting to be mastered in the soup. Two boards made for fun.


Jamie Watson said...

"Two boards made for fun."

Reading that made me happy.

Christian said...

Riding a used up board is liberating. There's no way you are going to hurt it. That doesn't mean you are going to thrash it out of disrespect, but still, you can surf so much more freely, I think.

Mr. Lentini said...

hmmm--I have a few mastic boards looking similar