Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ceci n'est pas un foto du surf.

Yesterday dawned early. 4 o'clock AM and we were up in varied states of duress glazed with the hope of the incoming swell. By 7 AM we were in the waters off Long Island, picking out clean & healthy chest to shoulder rights and lefts. By 11 AM, further east still, in the driveway sipping rum and playing petanc, waiting for grilled-up goodies. By 3PM, intermittently downing Red Stripes and trying our best not to bust our backs in the Amagansett shore pound. 5 PM, in the backyard salt water pool and by 8 PM a return to Smitty's, enjoying the chunky evening leftovers. 9:30 PM munching on the fastest vegetarian fare Mastic has to offer. Yesterday closed late. Midnight back in bed in Brooklyn.
Suffice to say, Friday was a good day in and around the water.

Here is the thoroughly unhelpful inexplicatory video. Music By W. Nelson.



Mr. Lentini said...

I am livid I wasnt at least invited to taco bell my favorite fine dining establishment on long island--or mastic at least--hell and I was around

Toddy said...

All of a sudden I am livid too.
Won't make that mistake twice.

Christian said...

These films always remind me to take fun seriously, but not myself nor surfing. :)

Anonymous said...


Chodearm said...

My arms are tired little bitches after a weekend of swell like that. Sorry to have missed you Friday.

rebeccajane said...

That quite possibly IS The Best Surfing Movie Ever Made!!