Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Looks like Bill's trajectory is a little bit perfect for us. And I just got back a set of photos only to find that the focus is off on my long lens. What timing.


SurfScience said...

East Coasters and your hurricane watching. Its a strange thing to me, but glad to see you guys are enjoying the stoke over on the far coast. I hope you get the waves you're looking for.

Toddy said...

We were talking about it this morning and there is a whole lot of not knowing what to do with big waves here. Especially in the summer when people are used to small, fun surf in warm water, when a real swell rolls through, most aren't used to surfing these kinds of waves, much less know where to find a spot that will hold it. The all-year-round guys do fine, but there is more than a little dose of unreality out there for the rest.
We'll see what happens this weekend. My money is on 80% getting skunked for lack of break knowledge or intelligently bowing out of a situation they can't handle.
Nothing wrong with either.