Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Day Rob Machado Showed Up and We Showed Up Too

One of the big surfy spectacles to grace the New York calendar has come and gone. Luminaries made themselves present. Films made themselves sold out. Antonio and I made ourselves scarce. It is one of the odd turnarounds of living here that often, at the moment you'd like to be most available, most involved, you find yourself at the brink of collapse, unable to muster the motivation to do anything other than rest, recuperate and spend some family time. I have always been a bad Catholic.
By all other accounts though, the weekend long festival was hugely fun and full of the good times one would expect. Best Feature went to "Sea of Darkness" directed by Michael Oblowitz while Josh Berry's film "All Points South" won the short film prize, following up his 2008 premier in style. The full round up is here.
Rob Machado screened his film "The Drifter" and stopped by Chris' shop on a night I could actually get out of the house. Above is irrefutable proof Mr. Machado has passed the torch for speed and creativity to two mysterious young neighborhood groms.
The people who put on the festival are a good lot, full of the right intentions. They are the sort of people that make this town the kind of place we want to be.

Pics courtesy of SeƱor Miguel Mabes


gustav said...

The Man himself.....Miel looks stoked!

Watson said...

Rob Machado is looking more and more like Rob Zombie with the passing of each swell. Looking forward to seeing The Drifter. Sounds like you dug it!