Thursday, October 1, 2009

Grant sent me an email this morning with this guy's website address, figuring I'd like the images. Sure enough, absolutely nutso photography. I don't know how to describe what a mental gasp might sound like, but there was this gasping noise in my dome every time I clicked on the mouse. Just great stuff. I was thinking how it would be to just try and post all his photos in one massive posting, and then brought myself back down to earth, settling on a link and just a few photos. Then it dawned on me: Wayne Levin was part of the Clic show Antonio and I halfheartedly pilloried a while back. The stuff I saw from that show was little bit different, less documentary feeling and a little dreamier than a lot of what I see on his site. And what I see on his site, I can't get enough of. Click on the name and enjoy.

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glider said...

wow- unreal stuff!!thanks for sharing toddy