Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Alright, Alright

The Quasiannual Autumnal Hibernation is coming to an end. Gears are shifting back to a natural order of other things. The hiatus we've been hiatusing on is drawing, we hope, to a close. Sessions have been few and far between. The crush of professional necessities, while still, basically, a crush, have slackened in their domineering nature, as we have willed them to fit into our general sensibility. It's funny how long it takes to get over the loss of Summer and the onslaught of people suddenly feeling like they need to make things, then deciding you're just the right person to make the things for them. Have I said enough?

There are still some serious rumblings from out on the island of a Lentini inspired shoehorn of sorts. We are returning to our vigorous research for a contribution. More news coming soon.

Scott Massey et al have just released the latest version of RRR Project doings. Word on the street is for some sort of pop up show somewhere soon in celebrations. Or something like that.

A little while ago, in the depths of our working despair, we received a little something about this great blog via the fast mail. Check it out.

We've also received entreaties from the nice folks over at Surf Science about adding some observations to their compendium of thoughts. Haven't felt up to it, obviously, but check out their site.

Photo show in the works for mid winter doldrums to be produced and presented by the Endless Bummer types and friends. It was initially scheduled for the NYSFF timings, but things fall through as they do. But we are reviving the project with big hopes and good intentions. More later.

And finally, the ever-diligent Rebecca Olive is still on the prowl for the great surf magazine Kurungabaa and sent through these eerie bits of inspiration.

Thanks for checking back, our vacation is nearly over.

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rebeccajane said...

And the ever-diligent Rebecca Olive really, really likes the picture at the top of this post.


(I would also like it if everyone would always refer to me as The Ever-Diligent Rebecca Olive. Best. Title. Ever!)