Sunday, November 15, 2009


Josh Dowling is a really innovative shaper who has been in the game for years, he started out airbrushing for Mocean Surfboards (Lorne,Vic) in the late 80's, but was always into shaping & surfing (of course). He has gone by afew different shaping names over the years, Lucid & Speedneedle & was also known by friends as Tree due to the incredible height of the man.
In recent years he has been heavily involved in the development & trialing of different foams & woods. He was one of the people involved in the development of Fire Wire technology (where there was some dodgy business practice & he didn't get the cred he deserved) & he uses similar methods in shaping under his JDS label. I just got a new board from Josh & am pretty stoked with the link to get the specs of the board & then contact Josh to talk about your new stick!...he'll even freight it OS for all you crew in the US of A!

Yew...Gustaverson. about those Quicktimes Toddy???

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Toddy said...

Can you email me the files you need again?