Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It has been a sufficiently difficult winter so far, and I am beginning to wonder if they make them any other way lately. This year I did not get my annual late season double holiday in California. Usually, it's Thanksgiving sessions, and fly back again for Christmas and New Years sessions. Plenty of relatively warm water surf, easy living and bean burritos packed into the last half dozen weeks of the year. Sure, there is an 800 pound gift horse of many colors in the room, and I'll stay away from its saddlebag of mixed metaphors from here on out, but damn if this winter isn't getting me down just a touch. The day after Christmas we took Sonny to see his first NYBT Nutcracker. He was enthralled, I was enthralled, we were enthralled. It was spur of the moment (sorry) and expensive, but it is one of those things that reminds you why you like New York. Why you live in New York. The principle dancers had the day off, so it was mostly core doing the lead stuff and they were still amazing. Last night I wore my flips to take the trash out and load some junk into the car. It felt good to give the city the finger like that.


Rebecca Olive said...

what a lovely post.

what a lovely picture.

Christian said...

Here's hoping that you can get back here soon. I'm still not right after surfing in Carlsbad a month ago. There's no place like it.