Thursday, January 28, 2010

Keith Harings Universe includes Melburn Town

I never knew who Keith Haring was up until recently when my girlfriend gave me a book called Kings Way, which is a retrospective of Melbourne graffitti art from the last three decades.
The book features a section on Haring who came out to Australia in 1984 & was commissioned to paint afew permanent pieces. The only one that has stood the test of time is his "Worm with computer brain head"(ONE OF THE LARGEST KH MURALS LEFT IN THE WORLD) at Collingwood Secondary College in Johnston st Collingwood. I'd only seen a tiny photo of it in Kings Way, but on Australia Day (Jan 26th) this week we had a bbq & afew friends came over. Over some drunken banter, my friend Phoebe Parisia mentioned Keith Haring & his mural in Collingwood( that is in danger of being torn down by developers). Alarm bells rung in my head & I had to vizzy the painting, so we walked down & had a peep. I was stoked to see it! Afterwards I did some research into Haring & was shocked to hear of his young death at 31. I had to know more, so I rented the recent documentary "The Universe of Keith Haring" by director Christina Clausen & was blown away by what I saw. What an amazing, talented person, his art has a fantastic flowing, simplistic application but is so mezmerizing.
I am happy to have been transported through Keith Harings universe & am upset that I didn't know who he was when I was living in New York...Rock on KH....Save The Keith Haring Mural at Collingwood Secondary College! Don't Tear it down!




Toddy said...

I've never understood the Keith Haring thing. I really need to. I need to understand Keith Haring. Or at least understand my understanding of him. Thanks for the docu reco.

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