Friday, April 23, 2010

Getting Out of Dodge, EBNY on Remote

Dear Readers of Endless Bummer New York
(all three of you),

Next week we will be opening a temporary bureau in another country. A different country. A country other than the country we are in at the moment.
There will be a fiesta complete with donkey and star shaped piƱatas filled with pinto beans, concord grapes and miniature replica Hagia Sophias carved from coconut shells. There will be music and vegetarian food. There will be a mystic. He will tell fortunes while balancing on one toe. You are not invited to this fiesta. But worry not, the consistent reportage so vital to your surfing life understanding thing will go unabated. Regular updates are ensured. Insured. Please stay tuned for more of the same boring, redundant, unhelpful blather you have come to know and love. I think we can say that. If you didn't know and love it, well, you wouldn't be reading this would you? Unless this is an accident. In which case, there, up to the left of your screen there is a little button that says "next blog." Or you are just checking in for the first time from some link from another surf blog and you are finding yourself bored to tears already. Either way, don't worry, our feelings are not hurt. You've already made our Google Analytics look rad for the day.

Thank you for your continued, or quickly discontinued, support.

The EBNY Editorial Department

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