Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A quick perusal of the historians to the right lands me on the Pushingtide blog, a regular spot for the concise and thoughtful.  We are a species full of memories.  This, as everything, is both good and bad.  One must always remind oneself that the past no longer exists.  It is simply not there except in our imagination.  On the flip side, there is this wonderful quality to certain memories, the ones that are not necessarily specific, but exist through repeated experience and conjure themselves up magically sometimes.  One of the most cherished feelings in my arsenal is the feeling of ascending and descending on mountain roads.  It seems as if the whole of my youthful life was spent doing just that.  Whether up into the Cascades or down from the Santa Ynez Mountains, I can readily conjure the vistas and the changes of smell, warmth and pressure of the air.  It is joyful.

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