Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Reflections on meeting Mick Sowry, watching Musica Surfica & spinning a backside 360 on my Mabile

Hi people,
I happened to receive an email from a man named Mick enquiring about my shop, Rhombus Surfshop (opening soon in Brunswick st, Fitzroy, Melb, Aust, another good plug opportunity...sweet) after a convo over the phone I learned that Mick had made a film named Musica Surfica which I remembered reading about a while back on EB.
Over a beer in a noisy local drinking hole in Sth Melb, where Mick & I both happened to be working at the time I also learned of the films travels, nominations, awards & Toddy meetings.
Mick handed me a copy of Musica Surfica & I quickly rushed home in peak hr Friday night trafica to vissy the film.
Love it Mick...it just made me want to pull my fins out & spin as the doco follows Derek Hynd, Tom Wagener, Tom Carroll, Belinda Baggs, Sage Joske & others to King Island where they get into some no finned sliding, on all types of boards from Alaias to fishes accompanied by some amazing violinists & musicians!
I was surfing on Sunday & decided to pull my main fins outta my Larry Mabile twinzer & leave the two stabilizers in!
It was rad, super loose & the first couple I caught the whole tail just slid out, so I adjusted to try & surf strictly on the rails instead, it felt more like snowboarding!
I'm stoked to say I span 360 backside & rode away, thx for the film Mick & good to meet you!
Drop in to the shop soon!

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toddy said...

Mick, by all accounts, is a classic. Grant was down there over xmas and Mick did all he could to set him straight, while our my own meetings and correspondences have always been educational. Check his blog when you can, over there on the right, "Ssafe to Sea."

More fots of the shop!