Monday, June 14, 2010

The Dalls Porpoise

My son's godfather has done himself the favor of pursuing a career as a nature videographer. He scoots around in boats big and small, traipses through murky jungles and stays awake for hours on end lying in the dusty brush to capture rare moments of movement. He then turns around and puts together concise little stories of about what he's captured. Here is his latest, one that tugs at the imagination.


Christian said...

I like doplhins. What they are and what they do is one and the same. They swim fast, do so without effort and eat fish. It's pretty cool.

Humans on the other hand are just highly evolved primated who are smart enough to be self-aware, yet too primitive to really have any clue about what they should be about.

So we sometimes do things that are really beautiful, but much of the time, we sit in boring meetings, watch American Idol and commit genocide.

Dolphins > Humans.

Mr. Pelican said...

This is a cool blog! I especially liked your comment near the end, very true!
Hip high at Terramar tonight.