Tuesday, July 20, 2010

May It Be Crushed to the Rocks (or) Mixed Bag Of Poo

Last night's online weather activity produced this morning's fine display of longboard recklessness.  To say this morning was fun wouldn't quite convey the nuances of the morning.  Safe to say, I got lucky enough to the wrong way on one side of the jetty in a successful search for an obliterating little cover-up on the other side of the jetty.  There were some nice ass-dragging pigdogs in between. At least they felt good.  They probably looked tweaked. They probably looked more like ass-drags than pigdogs.  There was probably no pigdogging.  Then, as things would have it, the camera slipped out of the suit, lost to the vagaries of the great Atlantic ocean first and subsequently to the hands of someone who won't return it. But, if you are a person who will return it and you found washed ashore today a small hand-held white camera thingy with some footage of a little boy and some surfing on it, I'll be happy to reward you with something, I'm just not sure what yet.

••Long Beach NY, Lindell/Washington/Laurelton area••

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