Friday, August 13, 2010

Chatting to McTavish

I managed to escape this cold winter in Melbourne this week & dash up to Byron where as far as we Victorians are concerned it's summer all year round.
After afew days to get into Byron mode as Kate calls it, we were leaving the studio one morning, board under arm when an unsuspecting old guy rocks into the carpark, a nice new stick sitting as passenger in his nice new Subaru.
"Do you guys know where Stephen someone or another lives"? he asks. I straight away pegged this old dude for Bob McTavish who's showroom is just around the corner actually.
He was unaware of my knowing who he was, but if you surf you probably know who Mctavish is....Legend...& youv'e probably heard of the new film in which he features arguing with Brewer over who did the first shortboard! I haven't seen it yet so couldn't comment, but it sounds like there's some pretty heavy historical record checking thats been going on.
Well anywayz, it was good to meet you Bob!



ps. check out the trailer for the film here.

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Big Fish said...

Bob has to be one of the most stoked guys for his age. He surfs every day hand shapes boards to relax and is just full of beans and energy all the time.We can all only hope to be this good at his age.