Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Endless Bummer

When Tony said "we ought to name it Endless Bummer!" it made perfect sense. I hadn't surfed with any real regularity in a few years, counting the days like a skier counts the days on the slopes. Each of us had been laying fallow for a while before we found each other, sitting around the same lunch table in a Manhattan office. The lengthy conversations about surfing, the patently spurious surf tales of triumphs long past and the general malaise induced by the accountability of people surrounding you who actually get it, forced us to come up with a plan to make things happen. And so, here we are, three or so years on and more committed than we were. Angus has even jogged off to start an actual surf shop, leaving Tony and I here to muddle through our own bizarre, semi land-locked career choices. And so it goes.
When I first went online to register the Endless Bummer handle, I figured there might already be some other takers, but the only one I found were an odd little outfit from New England with some rad images of partying and trashing and skating. Ever since, I've checked in to see how things are going and to look at the good stuff.
Apparently that joint just turned five years old and we'd like to extend our congrats...

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