Thursday, September 9, 2010


The leap has been lept. The order has been made. I haven't had a brand new surfboard since 1993. It was a feather light, 8'10' thruster longboard made by Cactus Surfboards. In fact that was the only time I've ever boughten a new surf board. Everything else has been hand-me downs. I ended up running the thing into the Santa Barbara pier one spring when the floods brought the sand bars in the middle of town out. Snapped off all three glassed-in fins. I would later sell it to Thollenrod who quickly had it destroyed by the metal bits on the tie-downs on our zodiak heading out to the Ranch. That was a cursed board I guess. Although it did pretty well in overhead surf out at the Conch.
All these years later and I am actually ordering my own board, new, shaped by a master. Super excited. A little terrified.


ras said...

rad video! what did you order?

Anonymous said...

8 1 vaquero pin
fin box