Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Da Brull at Da Drift

There are few better vibes thrown than thrown by the photographer.  Every lensman I've met near or in the water is happy to be there, knowing full well their existence is one gifted by the sea, the light, their equipment, their body and their subject.  It is a grateful person then who calls themself photographer.  And rightly so.  I've met Jack Brull a number of times, both in the water and out, mostly in fleeting moments of respect and well-wishes.  I have covered the goodness of his art a few more times as well.  An appreciation of my own stems from both personal interaction with him as well as first-person reaction to his printed work, which I've had the pleasure of experiencing.  Frankly, the shiny digital medium you are looking at does no justice to the lush vibrancy of a Brull print or any print for that matter.  So it is with unabashed gusto I direct you to the Drift series of prints currently on offer. It is the worst sort of yin yang dichotomy tit for tat reality that while our lives are so innumerably enhanced by the digital ability to connect instantaneously across the globe, we then may lose the appreciation of purely tactile touchiefeelie experience.  You can buy a board, but as Machemer says, it's not until you paddle the thing that you know whether it's special or not.

A Brull print is like a well crafted board that way, I suppose.

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