Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Are we experiencing a second surfing film golden age?  Or a third?  No matter how you calculate it, the current form of surf oriented film making is something special. At the moment, there are few in the film making world so effortlessly and efficaciously inhabiting the digital as surfers. The constant pushing of vision and content is getting astounding, especially in context of where the "surf film" is coming from. Added to the old stalwarts of slash and dash surf porn and vacation-slide voice over hogs, we are now seeing bona-fide experimental art films and nuanced documentary making with the ubiquity of high fidelity video more portable and inexpensive and the editing software available to all. There are so many interesting looking films in the NYSFF this year I can hardly figure out how I'll see them all. My wife will be pissed if I don't figure out the babysitting pronto.

These are just a few of the good films looking for viewing pleasure.  I doubt Antonio and I will get to them all, so if you are interested in writing a review for anything you see there, we'll happily give you a forum here.  Just contact us.

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drexnefex said...

here's a pretty awesome review about Westsiders by a guy who grew up in SC.