Saturday, September 4, 2010


Michael Rovnyak spends his summers on the beach at Ditch Plains chatting up the locals, throwing good vibes and taking photos of surfers. This is when he is not riding his hog or structurally engineering buildings. If you see him on the beach (he's the guy with the massive lens) say hi and let him know you're out in the water. He may surprise you with some good shots.
Incidentally, those wanting to see some great photos from Danielle and early Earl should head over to his site and look under "Long Beach" from last week. Some great stuff.


gustav said...

ripping dude...nice form..which board?

Toddy said...

Ripping...or just trying not to bail.
It's that old Billy Hamilton Joey Clams fixed back up for me.

Christian said...

Nice style, man. Very nice.