Sunday, September 12, 2010

Riding past, collecting cookies, speeding around because I need to get home to work on something before wifey's birthday appreciation hour this afternoon, I ride past Guillaume standing outside Zebulon, the very place I will be enjoying a beer, the U.S. Open final and cookies amidst the celebration of the birth of my child's mother. Do you get it? See the connection? So I'm riding by and there's Guillaume, I've already said that, I know, but he and Jef and Jos run the joint and he's outside scribbling one of his patented scribbles on the chalkboard, and we say Hey! and we say Hello! and he says "oh a little while ago a friend called me up and asked if I could take care of his friend who is stuck at the airport, heading out to Italy to shape some boards. This kid is a vagabond really, has been shaping since the age of fifteen or something...maybe you know him?"
I dunno, really I dunno him but I like the music on his website and I think the boards look very very knifey. Very cool.

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