Thursday, September 16, 2010

Stargazing ALA Rhombus

Had afew celebs hangin' around Rhombus the last coupla days....yesterday James Hetfield from Metallica was hangin' out the front checking out Jims "JunkMail" Postie mod, before their show at Rod Laver....I reckon he was keen for that bike Jim!....maybe he'll be back with his "BLACK" credit card!

Then I just got of the phone with Rich before who said John Butler had just been in & graced the Rhombus shores!

Who's next??...stay tuned for more celeb sightings at Rhombus.



ps. heaps of swell around Vicco & Tassie today!

1 comment:

EndlessBummerNY said...

I got a hug from Bruce Weber yesterday.
Talked to Sam Mendes on the telephone two days ago.


I'm just giving you stick because we haven't received our Rhombus schwag yet. T Shirts!!! And a hoody.
Make mine medium.

Better yet, just save some for us and I'll actually pay for them (gotta support.)