Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ed Cornell, Political Prisoner, Breaks Free, Eats Taco

Endless Bummer reports on all facets of surfing life, with bureaus around the globe, a finger to the pulse of anything pulsating. Recently our Washington Bureau decided to skip their duties keeping tabs on our political investments and head north then east to enjoy the profits of Igor. While we were pissed to have missed out on the scoop that Bo had yet again peed on the southwest corner of The Resolute Desk, we had to be excited when we received this dispatch:

This trip was definitely a testament to how much you can do in one day
by just calling in sick to work here on capitol hill.
My friends Jake and Josh, and myself all headed up to catch Igor
Sunday night from Washington D.C. and drove straight through to West
End where we just slept on the beach. Sleeping bags are unnecessary
if you have a large board bag as my friend Jake proves. The swell was
bigger than we thought so we drove straight up to the reefs at Montauk
which could handle the period. The sideshore wind and the size of the
swell kept a lot of people out of the water so we had some waves to
ourselves by the lighthouse. By afternoon we headed back east, but
not without a stop for some lobster rolls (which are pretty hard to
come by down here). By the time we got to Rockaway the waves were
still firing. I would have taken more pictures at Rockaway but the
waves were so good I couldn't help but run and get my board and head
out there.
Also, big thanks to the staff at Rockaway Taco for dinner!
- Ed Cornell
EBNY DC Bureau

All Fotos © Ed Cornell

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