Saturday, October 23, 2010

I once sat in a semi circle around a very small stage with about twenty other people at a Jonathan Richman concert in Santa Barbara. It was just him and that drummer and the twenty of us. Sitting there. Swaying. It was pretty great. Last week I paddled into Bill J. walking the old lady on the beach at Poles. We chatted for a while and I revealed to him my recent attempts to get Roadrunner onto a couple different television commercials. Yep, I've turned into that guy. The guy who unthinkingly takes a classic, life-shaping song and ruins it for everyone. Luckily, the clients didn't get it. Or they did, and they knew better. Hard to say. Either way, somehow in these tough times, Jojo has been a touch more than liminal. Interesting, that. This gem is via Gustavus Rhombiscus.

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