Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Richard Kenvin at the Tribeca Grand with a Microphone in His Hand


One half of EBNY made it down to the Tribeca Grand for the Kenvin talk.  Took away nothing too specific, other than a real strong, real vague sense that a few lot of smart hydro-intellectuals were forward- thinking a might more than our often one-dimensional surfing history likes to tell us.  It's the sort of narrative that begs more questions that will inevitably be left unanswered, or answered. Probably both.  Like Maslov coming up with a modern sort of Total Football 4-4-2 in the USSR before anyone else.  So it is with just about everything.  History always unravels a tangled web.    If you get a chance to see that short film Kenvin made (I was glad to get it a second time, first time had serious technical issues with the projection) be keen to pay attention at the first part where M. Muñoz is talking about the paipo boarders hauling ass.

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Eef said...

when i got to visit New York for the NYSFF i secretly hoped that RK would be there too with this. No i missed him in only 3 weeks :D Ah well can't have everything :D