Saturday, October 9, 2010

Rob Kulisek Makes Our Month

 A couple years ago we hatched a plan for a big art show.  We booked a space, sent out invitations to prospective artists and giggled like Monty Burns.  The whole thing fell through because someone more important wanted the space we were slated to use.  Some president of a foreign country.  What a crock.  Anyhow, we were really excited that Rob Kulisek and Ty Warren had agreed to participate and were duly bummed that there was nothing for them to participate in.  The other night we are at the New York Surf Film Festival doing our quasi-journalistic duties when we spot Rob doing his thing.  The results speak for themselves.  Just what they're saying...?

If you do the Facebook thing, you can see all his photos from that night here.  Or keep checking in at his blog.  Perhaps he'll post them up there....

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