Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Stoked & Broke in Tribeca : Repeat Performance, Don't Miss It

There are a few predictable moments of shifting-in-your-seat discomfort that can happen with any given surf film, and frankly Stoked & Broke doesn't totally scamper off scot free. But there are more than enough moments of inspired surfing, true hilarity and good-vibes to make up for the very few semi-awkward ones. And when the whole thing grinds to a halt in the "real", that is, in the time it takes for Richard Kenvin to convince you it's all about family, community and staying close to your roots, the goodness of the film firmly settles in. And that ends up being what this film is all about: look around before hopping off to something more quixotically exotic. The quixotically exotic is all around you here, now. Look left, look right, and know that that's what's important.
Playing a repeat performance on Wednesday, October 20th at Tribeca Films, the film will be preceded by a short seminar on planing hulls by Kenvin himself and a photo slidey show by Ryan Field.
Add all that up and it sounds very much like the whole thing ought not to be missed. I reckon we'll try to see the movie a second time.

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