Friday, October 15, 2010

Today's Only Thought

As a kid I was never super geeky about music. I mean, I went through my stages, but music was never really the cocoon full of sweet salve I could retreat to in the face of a turbulent emotional life like it seems to have been for so many people I hung out with. I had other things to take that place, and music was generally not it. Except Fishbone. Fishbone was both the private and public face of my musical tastes, the music that would get my thoughts moving in a direction. To say I am excited about this movie doesn't cover it. These guys shaped my brain in fundamental ways.


Jack said...

I guess I always assumed your cocoon of salve to be Detlef Schrempf.


ras said...

I met this kid in community college. he told me he was from St Pete Beach. he was on house arrest for dealing and was living with his grandparents -college was the only place he was legally alled to go. dude was like a movie character. big risk taker and fast talker too. he invited me to go see Fishbone in downtown St. Pete at a spot called Janus Landing. it was an outdoor venue in a courtyard between some historic buildings. soon as dude got in my car he was crazy. gave me some acid. told me we could crash at his friend's house since we were an hour and half drive away. i don't even remember getting home from that trip.

the Fishbone show on acid, outdoors, knowing no one was some next level shit for me. it was 1993 and I was 17. I was scared shitless of the guy I was with - he wanted me to stop the car in the street cause we'd seen this hustler ride by on his bike holding a grip of money. dude wanted us to jack the guy right before we went to the show.

I got all those memories wrapped up in an acid blur with Fishbone providing the frantic soundtrack. strange days. strange and heavy band. give thanks for people who push your boundaries of experience.