Thursday, October 21, 2010

"We can revert to a surfblog that copies Utube hits and ‘look what I found the other day ‘ – we can aim to please everybody, we can be cuddly and warm – but that ain’t the world I live in and engage in..."

The preceding nonsense that lead up to this moment of potent observation was ravaged by ignorance, but the moment of potent observation remains, seemingly, intact.  In the last few months it has increasingly dawned on me how much my life is spent either in front of a computer or away from a computer. I can basically divvy the time up in that way. Maybe an overstatement, but not too far off. It's an addicting thing, and one that has its own rules and social mores. I don't think it can be said anymore that it doesn't reflect "reality." More, that is has started it's own "reality" in some sense. It's an odd place to sit, watching oneself perhaps straddling a fence one never figured could be put up in the first place. But the first step is acceptance, as they say. 


ras said...

"A year here and he still dreamed of cyberspace, hope fading nightly. All the speed he took, all the turns he'd taken and the corners he'd cut in Night City, and he'd still see the matrix in his sleep, bright lattices of logic unfolding across that colorless void...." W. Gibson from Neuromancer -1984.

the time we spend in front of the screen I reckon is a real as any other time. but instead of being filled with things experienced, it's filled instead with lusts or desires for things that could be.

Christian said...

I like The Smiths lyric.