Sunday, October 17, 2010

Welcome Home, Winter

The winter cool has already touched the eastern tip of Long Island. Yesterday I slipped into the waters west of the East Deck to bob up and down, playing the part of the beaten down, brine starved surf blob I am. Stiff sidey sort of off shores not so much as licked the minuscule swell as abused it with well worn curse words. I paddled furiously, got to my feet a few times inevitably finding a platform disinterested in maintaining my weight class. In the process, shorebreak bravado seemingly the only way into anything interesting, I smashed my finbox up. This morning awoke flat but beautiful. Cold, desolate and just as freeingly isolated as you'd ever want it to be. The board is spared any excess water from me pushing it into ankle slappers broken or not. Welcome home, winter.

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