Friday, November 5, 2010

Carpet Dope

Zach Dayton. East Hampton, NY
I met Yaan on the beach in East Hampton this summer on a day I neglected to bring my board to the "family" beach.  There was Yaan, out there on a board he would stick in the bushes next to the pisser each night, styling on the little bumps in front of the lifeguard tower each day.  I filmed him for a while and he let me borrow his board for a few.   Next thing you know, I'm driving him out for sessions at Ditch and he's telling me about growing up in Springs and how he was conceived at the East Deck and about his many travels.  A super, super cool guy with a load of bizarro surfy energy that's a bit hard to pin down. His blog has just that sort of international man of travel mystique that hangs about him.  A bit vague, a touch smiley, totally unhinged.  And he's a rad surfer.  Carpet Dope.

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